Overview of Work Packages 6 and 7:

WP6: ND4BB Information Centre

This WP has delivered an antibiotic research data repository, along with the solutions to format and enter data into and query/pull summary data out of such an Information Centre. This ND4BB Information Centre (InfoCentre) combines legacy data on successful and failed approaches to antibiotic drug discovery from European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and public partners with the data and high level descriptors of the data generated within ND4BB Topics (see Home Page). Data stored within the repository are broad even by the Pharmaceutical industry standards, encompassing: High-Throughput Screening and Hit-to-Lead and Lead-to-Candidate “Discovery” studies; “Early Discovery” in-vitro, in-vivo and modelling data; and “Development” data including certain pre-clinical and clinical trial findings.

plus Action 1: Define and populate an Electronic Laboratory Notebook

plus Action 2: Define Access Rules and Information Governance

plus Action 3: Identify and aggregate data

plus Action 4: Populate Interim Information Centre

plus Action 5: Define architecture of the Information centre

plus Action 6: Enable final hardware & software solution

plus Action 7: Enable query tools and search engines

plus Action 8: Populate final information centre

plus Action 9: Maintain, monitor and manage the Information Centre

plus Action 10: Plan for public access to the ND4BB InfoCentre

plus Action 11: Plan for a sustainable solution

plus Action 12: Development strategy for the InfoCentre

plus Action 13: Export content for archiving purposes and shutdown of repositories

Note: Output of Task 6 is the input of WP7

WP7: Combining R&D experience to develop best practice and avoid duplication

In this WP the TRANSLOCATION team analyses the data collected in the ND4BB Information Centre (WP6) and deliver recommendations and best practices for more efficient antibacterial drug discovery and development efforts. One of the central tenants of the ND4BB Programme is that unprecedented open sharing, analysis, and integration of knowledge and experience amongst programme members can lessen discovery and development barriers and thereby improve the efficiency and productivity of antibiotic pipelines. The goal of WP7 is to help realize this aspiration through the development and implementation of a mining, analysis, and modelling framework capable of harnessing the collective power contained in the wealth of preclinical and clinical knowledge that will be summarized in the Information Centre (WP6). As the work progresses, collaborators will distil data and learnings into concrete best practices, recommendations and models in order to foster more efficient and cost effective antibacterial drug discovery. These findings will subsequently be disseminated to the broader antibiotic research community.


Antibiotic Database

Beside the ELN and the Information Centre an Antibiotic Database was developed. For more information see page LINKS